Descriptions of Retreats, Spirituality Days

The topics that follow are promotion-ready descriptions for Pat's most frequently-requested events. She also prepares custom topics… contact her with your needs!

This Blessed Mess: Living the Christian Mystery

We all have times of feeling that there must be something wrong with us that we have struggle and suffering in our lives. We think things are supposed to be orderly and successful. And yet our lives are filled with grieving as well as glory, trouble as well as triumph. This retreat will explore the truth that scripture reveals over and over: creation comes out of chaos, resurrection happens after crucifixion, treasures are hidden in the imperfection of life. Inspiring and practical, with humor and deeply human stories, this retreat will help us deepen our trust in God’s blessings in the messiness of life.

Letting in the Light: Facing the Hard Stuff with Hope
In the midst of a growing sense of darkness in our world, we need to gather together to let in the light. We need to remind each other that the central Christian Mystery is an invitation to joy. In this retreat we will share light from Scripture and science, from literature and laughter, from theology and the wisdom of our lives. Practical and inspiring, this retreat will focus on the Light that shines in the darkness, the Light that the darkness will never overcome.

Lessons of the Heart: Making Our Way on the Journey

A day of reflection with Pat Livingston will offer inspiration and encouragement as we look at the territory of our souls. Deeply human learnings of everyday living on themes of struggle, goodness, joy and hope will be presented. Practical and moving, humorous and lively, this time will offer an opportunity for spiritual nurture in the midst of these troubled times. Come join us and reflect on lessons of the heart.


Coming Home for Christmas
No feast seems to touch us as deeply as Christmas. Come for this Advent retreat to be reminded that the stories and secrets of Bethlehem are the stories and secrets of our own hearts. Our vulnerabilities and longings, our struggles and our hopes find meaning in the Mystery of the birth of the Child. Join us to hear God say to you this season: "Come home for Christmas."


On Our Way to Easter

Lent is a rich time to reflect on the deepest meaning of our lives. Join us for the retreat as we have the opportunity to honestly look at our struggles and joys. Come to be heartened in the truth that our own experiences of suffering and love, of breakdown and breakthrough, are sacred. They are part of the central Christian mystery of death and resurrection. Journeying in God’s love, we are all on our way to Easter.

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