"Pat Livingston gives us the eyes for the hidden treasures of our lives. She helps us see that something divine is present in the human, that something hopeful is happening in our usual ways… she opens our eyes to see the mystery of God right where we are."
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The late Fr. Henri J.M. Nouwen, author of 40 books on spirituality, from his introduction to Pat's first book, "Lesson of the Heart."

... from the Bishop's blog, the day after the annual
Diocesan Council of Catholic Women's Convention...
“This year at the banquet, the attendees and I heard one of the best talks I have ever heard on that occasion, including two banquet speeches which I have given in the past fifteen years. The ladies invited Pat Livingston who lives in our diocese to be the banquet speaker and she introduced the issue of “biblical women.” At times delightfully witty and always very incisive, she spoke both of women in the bible (Sarah, the wife of Abraham, for example) and the challenges of womanhood today. Pat Livingston has given talks to women all over the world just about and throughout the United States. She was at one time an Assistant Director of the Program for the Continuing Education of Priests and Religious Women which has housed at and supported by Notre Dame University and is now continuing at the Chicago Theological Union. She understands Church and she understands Sacred Scripture. On Tuesday night she was so spot on in addressing how biblical women confronted major challenges (the Samaritan women at Jacob’s well, for example), that the ladies and their priests and pastors and I gave her a standing ovation at the conclusion of her talk. I am very proud that Pat lives here among us and hope that we shall hear more from her in the future. http://blogs.dosp.org/bishoplynch
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Bishop Robert Lynch, Diocese of
St. Petersburg,

“When was the last time a book hit you on a feeling level and also made your think? Reminded you of truths you always knew but couldn’t put into words? Told stories that sounded a lot like your own? Helped you find the ‘everywhere God’ in your own nitty-gritty, and got you excited all over again about the human adventure. That’s what Pat does.”

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Fr. Frank McNulty Former Vicar of Priests Diocese of Newark, NJ

“Pat Livingston has a unique style of storytelling. She is second to none in her ability to ferret a positive kernel of truth (if not laughter) from underneath the shell of even the most difficult events. She excavates the unnerving, painful and "messy" parts of life to find in them gladness, beauty, laughter-- and hope.”

... from the Parish Bulletin
Sacred Heart Church,
Tampa, Florida